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Unveiling Drug Targets with Precision: Leveraging Quantitative Proteomics

In the realm of drug discovery, unveiling the intricate interactions between bioactive compounds and cellular targets is paramount. Evotec leads the charge with its pioneering chemical proteomic applications, aimed at target deconvolution and selectivity profiling.

At the heart of Evotec’s approach lies Cellular Target Profiling™, an unbiased and proteome-wide methodology that meticulously identifies and quantifies compound interactions with both on- and off-targets within the cellular milieu. Leveraging high-end quantitative mass spectrometry, this platform offers unparalleled insights into specific cellular targets, enabling precise target identification and determination of target-specific dissociation constants.

Central to this chemical proteomics approach is photoaffinity labelling coupled with mass spectrometry, allowing for the covalent capture of target proteins within live cells. This technique not only identifies target proteins but also visualizes compound-target interactions, shedding light on binding site locations within protein targets and complexes.

Evotec’s chemical proteomic arsenal extends beyond target deconvolution to encompass diverse small molecule compounds. Activity-Based Protein Profiling (ABPP) offers a comprehensive view of enzyme classes, while KinAffinity® provides rapid target profiling of kinase inhibitors in cell and tissue samples. Unlike traditional biochemical kinase panel screenings, KinAffinity® evaluates inhibitors’ target affinities across a spectrum of native kinases within their physiological cellular environment, facilitating hit-to-lead optimization with unprecedented precision.

With a track record of success in profiling various compounds, Evotec’s expertise in quantitative proteomics stands as a beacon innovation in drug discovery. For those seeking advanced insights into target deconvolution, drug selectivity and activity profiling, Evotec’s experts are posed to offer tailored solutions.