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Unlocking the Future of Drug Discovery & Development with Evotec’s Clinical Proteomics

In the ever-evolving landscape of biomedical research, proteomics has emerged as a crucial field for advancing drug discovery and development and biomarker discovery. Evotec stands at the forefront of this scientific frontier, offering cutting-edge mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions. Here’s how Evotec’s innovative technologies and comprehensive services deliver exceptional value to customers, driving breakthroughs in clinical research, such as discovery of stratification biomarkers and diagnostic markers for the discovery of novel targets.

Revolutionizing Proteomics with Advanced Platforms

ScreenPep™ Platform: Evotec’s ScreenPep™ platform is a high-throughput, automated system designed for deep-coverage proteomics of cell lines, tissues or biofluids. When applied to plasma or serum it can identify up to 1,500 proteins , making it incredibly efficient and cost-effective. This platform is ideal for large-scale studies, in which sample quantity may be limited but extensive protein identification is required.

Proteograph™ Technology: As the only Center of Excellence in Europe offering Proteograph™ technology, Evotec provides an unparalleled capability to identify up to 5,000 proteins from human biofluids such as serum, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This technology leverages nanoparticle-based methods to achieve deep proteome coverage, significantly enhancing the scope of biomarker discovery and translational research.

Integrated MultiOmics Solutions: Evotec excels in integrating proteomics data with genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics, offering a holistic approach to biomarker discovery. This integrated solution, facilitated by Evotec’s PanHunter platform, allows for comprehensive data analysis and interpretation, enabling researchers to uncover complex biological insights and accelerate drug development processes.

Customized and Scalable Services: Understanding that each research project has unique requirements, Evotec offers highly customized services tailored to meet specific client needs. From optimizing study designs to adapting sample preparation workflows for difficult and rare samples, Evotec ensures that every project receives the precise attention and expertise it demands.

Exceptional Expertise and Infrastructure: With over 20 years of experience and more than 50 mass spectrometers across its sites, Evotec is one of the largest providers of proteomics services worldwide. Their dedicated team of bioinformaticians and proteomics experts continuously develops and refines in-house pipelines, ensuring the highest standards in data quality and analysis.

High-End Mass Spectrometry: Utilizing cutting-edge mass spectrometry instruments, Evotec guarantees high-sensitivity and high-precision proteomics. These advanced technologies are crucial for detecting low-abundance proteins and analyzing post-translational modifications, providing deeper insights into protein functions and interactions.

Advantages of Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics

Unbiased Protein Measurement: Unlike antibody or aptamer-based techniques, mass spectrometry provides an unbiased measurement of all proteins containing tryptic peptides. This comprehensive approach allows for a more accurate and complete proteome analysis, essential for discovering new biomarkers and therapeutic targets. The quantification is also not impacted by any conformational changes.

Versatility Across Species: Evotec’s proteomics solutions are not limited to human samples; they are also applicable to various species, including animals used in health studies. This versatility broadens the research applications and facilitates translational research from preclinical models to clinical settings.

Detection of Protein Isoforms and Modifications: Mass spectrometry is uniquely capable of detecting protein isoforms and post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation and ubiquitination. This capability is vital for understanding protein functions and regulatory mechanisms, paving the way for novel therapeutic strategies.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Continuous Innovation: Evotec’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by their continuous development of nanoparticle-based proteomics in collaboration with Seer Inc. This ongoing enhancement ensures that Evotec remains at the forefront of proteomics research, providing customers with the most advanced and reliable technologies available.


Evotec’s clinical proteomics capabilities offer a robust, scalable, and precise solution for drug development and biomarker discovery. By leveraging advanced technologies, integrated MultiOmics approaches, and customized services, Evotec empowers researchers to make significant scientific advancements. Partner with Evotec to unlock new possibilities in your research and drive the future of healthcare innovation.

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