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Transcriptomics in 3D Cellular Models- Alicia Rosell-Hidalgo, Cyprotex

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, Dr Alicia Rosell-Hidalgo will present how high content screening (HCS) and high throughput RNA-seq techniques in conjunction with 3D liver models can be used to improve toxicology prediction and gain an in-depth mechanistic understanding of drug-induced toxicity. The presentation will focus predominantly on drug induced liver injury (DILI) with relevant case studies to demonstrate utility in safety profiling.


About the Speaker



Alicia Rosell-Hidalgo PhD

Associate Principal Scientist | Cyprotex

Dr Alicia Rosell-Hidalgo is an Associate Principal Scientist in Toxicology at Cyprotex Discovery Ltd, a subsidiary of Evotec SE. She leads the in vitro research and development carried out in the UK site for the “Panomics” project, aimed at improving predictive toxicology through 2D and 3D cell-based models combined with high throughput RNA-seq and machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques. Alicia has a bachelor’s of science in Biology and master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University Complutense of Madrid. During her undergraduate years, she gained laboratory experience through collaborations with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Brighton. In 2020, she was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Sussex, where she researched drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.

Watch the webinar to learn more!