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Thermostability assays in drug discovery: Evotec workflows and future perspectives

Thermostability assays (DSF) are one of the workhorses of biochemistry and structural biology. Thanks to the simplicity of the assay setup they found wide applications in many fields. To meet the high demand in DSF assays from our clients, Evotec established DSF pipelines in all five of the sites that offer biophysics services. We find that thermostability assays are highly useful for hit validation & expansion, however, can be also used to reveal the mode of action of the candidate molecule.

In this presentation we:

  • Describe how we use thermal unfolding assays (DSF) to support drug discovery
  • Discuss the cases when model-based analysis reveals in-depth information about the drug/target interaction
  • Share the perspectives on combing high-throughput and high-content approaches

This talk was presented at MOSBRI Workshop “Pushing the limits with Differential Scanning Fluorimetry” on 16 November 2022.