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Reducing biopharmaceutical manufacturing costs through continuous processing

We recently published our latest paper in Drug Discovery Today. Our authors Fernando Garcia and Eva Gefroh introduce a type of flexible biomanufacturing facility called J.POD®, capable of capitalizing on Intensified Continuous Biomanufacturing (ICB) to deliver against current cost and speed needs in the biopharmaceutical industry. We are pleased to share this featured review with industry and partners as we continue to work together to expand access to medicines that matter.


In this work, process models were developed to capture the impact of biomanufacturing costs on a commercial scale and emphasize the way in which facility design and operation must balance meeting product demand while minimizing production costs. Using a scenario-based modeling approach, several facility design strategies were evaluated, including a traditional large stainless-steel facility and a small footprint, portable-on-demand (POD)-based facility. Bioprocessing platforms were compared by estimating their total production costs across different facility types and specifically illustrating how continuous bioprocessing has gained in popularity as a novel and cost-effective approach to manufacture high-quality biopharmaceuticals. The analysis showed how fluctuations in market demand have a dramatic effect on manufacturing costs and plant utilization, with far-reaching implications on the total cost to patients. Read the full article in Drug Discovery Today.