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Prepared for Viruses and More….

About this Webinar

In this short recording, Dr Pia Thommes, VP Anti-Infectives and Virology Therapeutic Leader discusses:

  • Current challenges in Infectious Diseases drug discovery
  • Human SARS-CoV-2 and other emerging viruses
  • Industry relevant in vivo models
  • The wider reaching consequences of the COVID pandemic

More about Dr Pia Thommes.

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Pia gained her PhD in Molecular Genetics and followed this with a postdoctoral in biochemistry, focusing on DNA replication and cell cycle. She has 12 years experience in drug discovery of antivirals at GW/GSK, 4 years work in oncology on DNA Damage Response at KuDOS/ AZ. In 2012 Pia took on a role as Scientific Operations Director at Euprotec, a specialist CRO for infectious disease, this was incorporated into the Evotec family in 2014. Currently Pia is working as VP of Anti-infectives in Alderley Park and also Therapeutic Area Lead for Virology.

Hope you enjoy the webinar

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