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PanHunter Multi-Omics Data Analysis DDup #13

The 13th edition of our Drug Discovery Update (DDup) provides insights into our unique PanHunter next generation multi-omics data analysis platform.

In this edition, it covers:

  • an introduction to PanHunter and multi-omics data analysis including:
    • the importance of multi-omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) in understanding the complexity of disease and treatments
    • how the versatile and interactive multi-omics analysis platform, PanHunter, can greatly simplify the data analysis and interpretation process and so reduce time, improve visualisation and contextualisation, and inform decisions
    • how PanHunter can access additional meta information, reference data, chemical and structural information and clinical data to  provide further relevance and perspective
  • an interview with Dr John Szilagyi at Bristol Myers Squibb on how he uses PanHunter and the benefits it brings
  • a case study on how PanHunter has been applied in rapid candidate biomarker discovery
  • user perspectives from different functions within Evotec (wet lab biologists, computational biologists and bioinformaticians) on how PanHunter is making an impact on their research