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New Approaches in Toxicology – Monday Ogese, University of Liverpool

Development of an In Vitro T-cell Assay to Assess the Intrinsic Immunogenicity of Drugs and Chemicals

The third webinar in this series on New Approaches in Toxicology was presented by Monday Ogese PhD from University of Liverpool.


About the Webinar


The prediction of drug hypersensitivity is difficult due to the lack of appropriate models and an incomplete understanding of risk factors/mechanisms of immune tolerance. Our research at the MRC centre of Drug Safety Science, University of Liverpool combine aspects of genetics, cell biology and chemistry in order to study the fundamental principles of immunological drug reactions. We have recently developed an in vitro naïve T-cell priming assay with the potential to screen immunogenic drug candidates during preclinical drug development and the application of the assay will be discussed during my presentation.


About the Speaker


Monday Ogese


Monday Ogese PhD

Postdoctoral Scientist at the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science | University of Liverpool

Monday O. Ogese is a postdoctoral scientist at the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science, University of Liverpool. He was awarded his PhD (Pharmacology) in 2014 at the University of Liverpool. His first postdoctoral fellowship with AstraZeneca R&D, UK focused on drug-specific signalling between primary human hepatocytes and immune cells, and the role of hepatocyte-derived exosomes in drug-induced liver injury. His current research interest focuses on the development of screening assay systems to predict intrinsic immunogenicity of candidate drugs and chemicals. Monday has published 23 peer reviewed articles on various aspects of drug hypersensitivity reactions. In 2021, Monday joined Cyprotex as a Principal Scientist in the UK Toxicology team.

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