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Challenges in Biomanufacturing and How Just-Evotec Biologics Plans to Overcome Them

Watch the 20 minute interview with Jon Gunther, VP Business Development Just-Evotec Biologics, at Biomanufacturing World Summit 2023. For a complete table of content regarding Jon’s discussion, please see below.

Table of Contents

0:00 min – 01:50 min
Intro + Discussion on biomanufacturing costs and making biotherapeutics more affordable and accessible to patients worldwide

01:51 min –5:06 min
Emergence of continuous manufacturing of biologics to reduce cost of goods manufacturing (COGM)

5:07 – 7:00 min
Switching from fed-batch to continuous manufacturing, quality requirements and stance of the FDA

7:01 – 08:32 min
Timelines for switching to continuous manufacturing

08:33 –10:42 min
Pharma 4.0 / Using state-of-the-art technology incl. lights-out manufacturing approach

10:43 – 13.42 min 
Highly flexible manufacturing approach with Just-Evotec Biologics’ J.POD cGMP manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe

13.43 – 16:30 min
What should commercial partners observe in terms of cost, quality, scale-up and how this process can be de-risked

16:31 – 17:30 min
J.POD’s flexible and de-risked manufacturing approach when going from late-stage clinical to commercial supply

17:31 – 19:44
Our flexible partnership model incl. options like with our tech partnership with Sandoz for biosimilars development and commercial manufacturing

19:45 – end
Closing comments, get in touch with us!

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