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INDiGO Fact Sheet

INDiGO is the fastest and most efficient platform to bring a program from candidate selection through IND and beyond.

Once your clinical candidate is selected, this fully-integrated clinical-enabling package provides inter-disciplinary coordination of all aspects of drug development, conducted and managed by a dedicated Evotec team, and usually at a single Evotec site.

Key features:

  •  Accelerating your drug discovery and research programs through interdisciplinary integration and expert coordination of all activities “under one roof”
  • Industry-leading timelines, taking your program from the selection of an optimal clinical candidate to regulatory submission typically in less than 52 weeks
  • Expert management by experienced, dedicated project managers and drug development professionals
  • Seamless knowledge transfer across disciplines, maximizing the quality and efficiency of the overall development package
  • Custom-designed, flexible development plans that allow for real-time adjustments and adaptability to unforeseeable scientific outcomes
  • Excellence in project governance, performance review and issue escalation management