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Implementation of SplintR ligation qPCR as novel bioanalytical method for tissues quantification of oligonucleotide therapeutics for the expansion of the Evotec oligonucleotide drug discovery platform


Evotec possesses a comprehensive drug discovery platform to support oligonucleotide-based drug discovery from in silico design to clinical translation. Oligonucleotides therapeutics have been emerging as novel therapeutic modality for a vast range of diseases constantly growing resulting in 15 drugs currently approved. Here, we show our ongoing effort to further expand this platform by employing the recently developed splintR-qPCR as a novel bio-analytical method for quantification of oligonucleotides in tissues and comparing it to LC/MS and bDNA in use in Evotec. Within an Evotec internal R&D proof of concept study, the splintR-qPCR was proven as valid and comparable method to bDNA and gold-standard LC/MS. The high sensitivity, throughput and low costs compared to LC/MS and bDNA assay place splintR-qPCR as pivotal method that will strengthen Evotec oligonucleotides expertise on PKPD modelling.

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