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HCS Approach for Detection of Genotoxic Aneugens and Clastogens

Genotoxicity is a key concern during drug discovery and development. Clastogens and aneugens are two types of mutagens which result in chromosomal aberrations. Clastogens directly damage the chromosome causing sections of the DNA being deleted, added or rearranged (structural chromosomal aberrations). Aneugens cause an abnormal number of chromosomes (numerical chromosomal aberrations). Early stage screening of genotoxicity potential along with identification of the mechanism of action of the genotoxicity is important in reducing late stage failure.

In this poster, we focus on:

  • a modified HCS assay for detecting genotoxins
  • the incorporation of S9 fraction to identify metabolically activated genotoxins
  • distinguishing between clastogens and aneugens

Read our poster to learn more about our research!

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