Science Pool

Functional Genomics for Infectious Disease

Bioinformatics supporting Infectious Disease: Creating knowledge for efficient discovery and development of better medicines.​

Pathogen functional genomics analyses for unbiased, multidimensional small molecule effect characterisation (RNA-, DNA-seq analyses to characterise pathogen genome and transcriptome)

Genome assembly and annotation with a focus on resistance and virulence (Illumina, ONT, hybrid)

  • Short- (SNP, short indels) and long-range (insertion, deletion, inversion, translocation, duplication) variant analysis associated with resistance (Illumina, ONT)
  • Bacterial genome wide association study (GWAS)
  • Transcriptome analysis (RNAseq) and functional interpretation
  • Bacterial population sequencing and variant characterisation (PoolSeq)
  • Molecular phylogeny
  • Network analysis (enrichment analysis, pathway mapping)