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Festival of Biologics

Date: 2 – 4 November, 2022

Venue: Congress Centre, Basel, Switzerland

Attendees: Christelle Dagoneau (SVP Business Development), Thierry Wurch (SVP Integrated Biologics Discovery), and Nigel Shipston (Senior Director Business Development)


Evotec and Just-Evotec Biologics will be attending and presenting its science at the Festival of Biologics in Basel.


Our scientific program:


Presentation: Paradigm Shift in Biologics Manufacturing: Leveraging Continuous Manufacturing and AI/ML Based Technologies From Discovery to Market Supply

During this session, Christelle Dagoneau will present a unique platform concept which integrates the discovery, development, and manufacture of biologics in innovative and easily deployable production facilities called J.POD. She will particularly describe how the Just-Evotec Biologics cutting-edge AI/ML protein design technologies combined with industry-leading intensified continuous bioprocess can help de-risk and accelerate biotherapeutics development from lead generation through to BLA while offering cost-effective and truly flexible clinical and commercial supply solutions.

Presented by Christelle Dagoneau, SVP Business Development at Just-Evotec Biologics on 2 November at 17:10 CET


Presentation: Evotec’s Integrated Biologics Discovery and Development Platform to Strengthen Immunotherapy Research Programs

At Evotec, we discover, develop and manufacture novel medicines for hard-to-treat diseases through efficient partnerships with academia, biotechs and pharma. Our discovery efforts focus on data-driven precision medicine and early disease relevance to improve success rates in identifying best-in-class therapeutics.

To support immunotherapy research projects, we developed an integrated discovery platform ranging from target validation, antibody discovery and optimization, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, PK, and toxicology to select the best clinical candidates. By applying both humanized mouse-derived hybridoma and phage display coupled to AI/ML-based optimization, antibodies are selected based on disease relevant, target related in vitro and in vivo models. Applications for the identification of immune-modulating molecules will be discussed.

Presented by Theirry Wurch, SVP Integrated Biologics Discovery on 3 November at 17:20 CET


Poster: Conversion of an Intensified Fed-Batch to an Integrated Continuous Bioprocess

Despite advances in upstream and downstream Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing (ICB) technologies, reducing manufacturing costs and process development costs continue to be a concern.

Conversion of a fed-batch (FB) or intensified fed-batch (IFB) process into a hybrid or end-to-end ICB process may be particularly challenging but manageable using key platform elements: high specific productivity cell lines, low-cost, concentrated perfusion media formulations, an optimized and scalable cell-retention device, and the impact to product quality remains as a potential issue stemming from higher culture cell densities, longer culture durations, and differences in product residence times.

This work involved the rapid conversion of an IFB mAb process to a hybrid ICB process using the Just-Evotec Biologics platform, resulting in several key project accomplishments:

  • Mitigation of upstream IFB challenges: Filter fouling due to higher culture cell densities and durations was addressed by controlling cell density and implementing continuous harvest (CH).
  • Significant productivity increase: 5-fold increase in product mass per working volume compared to original FB process at the 500L manufacturing scale.
  • Short development time: < 6 months from project start to cGMP batch completion.
  • Minimal risk from changes in product quality: most attributes (HMW and rCE) and process impurities (HCP, DNA, and Pro-A) were comparable (minor differences in glycan distribution).
  • These results demonstrate that the rapid conversion of FB and IFB mAb processes to ICB can be met when implementing a robust ICB platform, thus supporting the biotherapeutic industry’s need to quickly adapt to changing clinical and business circumstances.

Presented by Nigel Shipston, Senior Director Business Developme


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November 2 – November 4, 2022


Basel, Switzerland

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