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EVOiR&D: An integrated discovery and development platform to deliver best-in-class biologics at Evotec

About the Webinar

This is a recorded live presentation given by Thierry Wurch, PhD – Senior VP, Integrated Biologics Discovery at Evotec during the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Europe (AE&T) conference in Amsterdam, June 2022.

Content Summary:

  • At Evotec we discover, develop and manufacture novel medicines for hard-to-treat diseases through efficient partnerships with academia, biotechs and pharma
  • For antibody-based modalities, Evotec has developed an integrated discovery platform ranging from target validation, antibody discovery and optimization, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, PK, and toxicology to select the best clinical candidates
  • We apply both humanized, mouse-derived hybridoma and phage display (from immune and synthetic antibody libraries) coupled to automated HTS antibody screening and AI/ML-based optimization, antibody hits are selected to best fit their intended modality, (e.g. mAbs, ADCs, bispecifics)
  • A particular emphasis is placed on integrating good manufacturing properties for the selected antibody sequence


About the Speaker



Thierry Wurch

SVP, Integrated Biologics Discovery | Evotec

Thierry joined Evotec in May 2022 as SVP Integrated Biologics Discovery. He has more than 22 years of expertise in the antibody R&D space primarily in Oncology and immune-oncology. Thierry held positions of growing strategic importance from head of an antibody discovery and engineering department (Pierre Fabre, 2003-2011), head of immunotherapy discovery research activities (Servier, 2011-2017) then moving to BD-oriented activities and heading external innovation for Oncology (Servier, 2017-2020 and Ipsen 2020-2022). Thierry is also Chairman of the antibody sub-committee at NC-IUPHAR, member of the Editorial board of mAbs Journal and Distinguished Advisor of The Antibody Society.