Science Pool


Date: April 27-30

Location: Barcelona, Spain



  • Laurie Sarrat, Business Development Manager
  • Helen Box, Business Development Executive 
  • Nadir Bessila, Senior Manager Business Development | Anti-Infectives
  • Pia Thommes, VP Anti-Infectives
  • Francesca Bernardini, VP In vitro Biology
  • Isabelle Erbetti, Senior Manager In Vitro Biology
  • Hugh Watson, Principal Manager of Clinical Development 
  • Aurelie Couturier, Group Leader Anti-Infectives


Evotec will be presenting

Session type: Poster Session

Poster number: P0218

Session title: 1e. Emerging/re-emerging, vector-borne and zoonotic viral diseases (other than COVID)

Abstract Title: Prospective evaluation of serum cytokines and musculoskeletal ultrasound as surrogate markers for chronic post-Chikungunya rheumatism

Presenter: Hugh Watsons, Principal Manager of Clinical Development

Date and Time: April 27, 12:00

Location: in Poster Area

Session type: Poster Session

Poster number: P2360

Session title: 5a. Mechanisms of action & spectrum, new compounds, preclinical data & basic pharmacology (incl drug design, investigational and non-traditional therapeutics)

Abstract Title: Assessment of zosurabalpin activity in combination with other antibiotics

Presenter: Isabelle Erbetti, Senior Manager In Vitro Biology

Date and Time: April 28, 12:00

Location: in Poster Area


ESPRI-IOAC will be presenting


Session title: Basic science studies using Omics (in vitro and in vivo)

Abstract Title: Bacterial transcriptomics in staphylococcal bone and joint infections: translational experiments from exponential in vitro culture to in vivo infection

Date and Time: April 30th, 12.00




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April 27 – April 30, 2024


Barcelona, Spain

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