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Development of a SP-TFF Step for Continuous End-to-End mAb Bioprocessing

Enhancing Single-Pass TFF for Antibody Therapeutics Manufacturing

Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) plays a pivotal role in enabling fully end-to-end continuous manufacturing of antibody therapeutics. In this poster, we delve into the study of two distinct SP-TFF membrane configurations to determine which one is most effective for clinical and commercial production.

Key Findings:

1.    Concentration Factor Achievement: Both tested configurations successfully achieved the required concentration factor without encountering fouling issues.
2.    Shear Forces Mitigation: Neither setup generated significant shear forces that could harm the antibody product.
3.    Operational Success at Low Feed Flux: Both configurations demonstrated successful operations even under low feed flux conditions, reinforcing their suitability for large-scale manufacturing.

Future Directions: Our team of scientists and engineers will continue their investigation, exploring various load challenges, system perturbations, and methods for in-line concentration measurements. These efforts aim to enhance the robustness and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

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