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Corramycin2: A Potent New Class of Antibacterial

“Corramycin2 is a siderophore-conjugate of an analogue of Corramycin, a novel antibacterial natural product discovered by Sanofi and that possesses a brand-new scaffold, an original MoA and an unprecedented mode of uptake in Gram-negative bacteria. Corramycin2 stems from an optimization program starting from Corramycin. Corramycin2 constitutes the first representative of a novel class of antibacterial that could bring a new injectable treatment option to patients suffering from severe hospital infections caused by antibiotic resistant Gram-negative pathogens.

In this poster, we:

  • Show the good activities of Corramycin2 against enterobacteriaceae and Acinetobacter baumannii and its lack of resistance with the known classes of antibacterials
  • Disclose its PK properties and its robust in vivo efficacy in various mouse models that is modulated by the frequency of administration
  • Report our unsuccessful effort to characterize and decipher by various approaches (including resistant mutant selection, microscopy, transcriptomic, proteomic…) the unique MoA of Corramycins in connection with DNA replication

Read our poster to learn more about our research!