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Characterization of Compression Behavior of Co-Processed Excipient for Production of Orally Dispersable Tablets and of their Blends with Active Ingredient

This text underscores the significance of Orally Dispersible Tablets (ODTs) for enhancing treatment compliance, particularly for patients with swallowing difficulties. Co-processed excipients for fast-disintegrating tablets (CPE-ODT) offer a convenient solution, combining a soluble filler and superdisintegrant. These can be efficiently blended with active ingredients, lubricants, and compressed into tablets, streamlining the development process. Investigating the relationships among compaction stress, compact solid fraction, and mechanical strength is crucial for optimizing tablet composition and speeding up development. Striking a balance between inter-particle bonding strength and porosity is especially vital for ODTs, ensuring rapid disintegration with sufficient mechanical resistance for downstream processes. The study aims to establish a general pre-formulation screening method by generating compressibility, compactibility, and tablettability profiles of CPE-ODTs blended with varying drug amounts. These data offer valuable insights into the impact of drug load on compression behavior and key properties, such as friability and disintegration time, facilitating the efficient development of ODTs.

Download this poster presented at AAPS PharmSci360 2023 for comprehensive details on this formulation screening approach.

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