Science Pool


The scientific resources on the Science Pool are provided by Evotec and its subsidiaries, Cyprotex and Just – Evotec Biologics.

Parent company, Evotec, offers innovative drug discovery and development solutions right the way from initial concept all the way through to the clinic.

Cyprotex and Just – Evotec Biologics have focused expertise in the areas of ADME-Tox and biologics, respectively.

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Evotec ( is a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company with extensive experience in and capabilities for driving innovative drug candidates from initial concept all the way through to the clinic. Our expertise spans many therapeutic areas, all modalities, including small molecules, biologics as well as cell and gene therapy, and collaborations across different industries. We operate globally with over 3,400 employees, most of whom are scientists with vast multidisciplinary expertise.

Evotec, along with its subsidiaries, provides a comprehensive service offering with both high-quality standalone and fully integrated support throughout the drug discovery and development process. We have the experience and expertise to carefully guide you through the necessary steps and regulatory requirements in order to successfully bring a drug candidate to the clinic and beyond.

Additionally, Evotec offers drug discovery and development alliances and partnering opportunities for its proprietary research projects. Our current network of partnerships extends across a range of companies and institutions including leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academics, patient advocacy groups and venture capitalists. Our focus is to rapidly progress innovative products.

Cyprotex ( specialises in in vitro and in silico ADME-Tox. This includes in vitro ADME screening to support discovery projects, regulatory in vitro ADME and DDI studies during pre-clinical and clinical development, specialist mechanistic in vitro human and animal toxicity models (e.g. 3D models and MEA electrophysiology) as well as modelling and simulation expertise. Cyprotex is based at Evotec’s sites in Alderley Park near Manchester, UK and in Watertown near Boston, USA.

Just – Evotec Biologics ( focuses on the development of innovative and integrated technologies to accelerate the development of biotherapeutics and reduce their manufacturing cost. Core strengths include antibody discovery, molecular design, process and product design and manufacturing plant design.