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A Study to Assess the Gastro-Resistance and Dissolution Rate of Enteric Coated Not-Banded Gelatin and HPMC Capsules

This poster discusses the development of oral enteric dosage forms as a solution to bypass the acidic stomach environment. Coated hard-shell capsules are more time and cost-efficient in early pharmaceutical development than enteric tablets and pellets. The current study assesses acid-resistance and dissolution rate of not-banded gelatin and HPMC capsules, filled at two weights, and coated with an enteric polymer at four levels. The goal is to determine the minimum enteric polymer needed for gastro-resistance, compare gelatin and HPMC shells in the coating process, and examine the impact of filling level and curing step on dissolution profiles, with fixed coating parameters. This research is important for optimizing the coating process and advancing the understanding of factors influencing gastro-resistance in oral enteric dosage forms.

Download our poster presented at AAPS PharmSci360 2023 for in-depth insights into this critical aspect of pharmaceutical development.

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