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A Focus on Drug Transporters Webinar Series – Felix Huth, Novartis

Impact of Pre-incubation Time on Transporter Inhibition Potency

The third webinar in our series on drug transporters was presented by Felix Huth from Novartis.


About the Webinar


For some inhibitor compounds, pre-incubation with the inhibitor leads to more potent IC50 values in uptake transporter inhibition assays. One contributing factor to the higher inhibition potency is the time required to reach steady state concentrations for the inhibitor. The dependent factors influencing this equilibration time will be described as well as the clinical relevance.


About the Speaker


Felix Huth

Felix Huth PhD

ADME Scientist | Novartis

Felix Huth received his PhD in Natural Product Chemistry from the University of Göttingen, Germany. After starting his career in a Biotech company in 1999, he joined the pharmaceutical company Altana in 2004 as biotransformation specialist. He extended his ADME knowledge, i.e. in enzyme and transporter kinetics, PBPK modeling and DDI. After joining Novartis in 2013, he developed in the role of an ADME/DDI specialist with focus on transporters and PBPK modeling, reflected by more than 20 peer-reviewed publications.

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