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A Focus on Drug Transporters Webinar Series – Birk Poller, Novartis

P-gp Transport Kinetics – Compound-Specific Selection of In Vitro Assay Design and Kinetic Parameter Estimation

The second webinar in this series on drug transporters was presented by Birk Poller from Novartis.


About the Webinar


Robust and reliable determination of the kinetic parameters for efflux transporters, primarily P-glycoprotein, has remained a challenging task. Different cell types, assay setups and kinetic models together with the physicochemical drug properties affect the outcome of in vitro studies. In this webinar, the results of a systematic study will be presented together with a compound-specific guidance for the assessment of efflux transporter kinetics.


About the Speaker


Birk Poller

Birk Poller
Senior Principal Scientist | Novartis

Birk Poller is an ADME Scientist at Novartis, working in the Pharmacokinetic Sciences department. He is responsible for in vitro permeability and drug transport studies and acts as deputy lead for an in vitro enzyme, transporter and plasma protein binding group. In addition, Birk Poller serves as ADME and DDI expert in cross-functional project teams throughout the translational drug development phases. His recent research on elucidating the interplay between drug transport and metabolism in the context of clearance prediction and drug-drug interactions resulted in several scientific publication. Before joining Novartis in 2010, Birk obtained his PhD from the University of Basel, Switzerland and he conducted postdoctoral research in blood-brain barrier pharmacokinetics at the Netherland Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

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