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Evotec and Sanofi scientists, together with TBAlliance and Tuberculosis Drug Accelerator  (TBDA) partners, have been involved in the discovery of  sequanamycins, a class of compounds that combat drug-resistant tuberculosis. The original compound , the SEQ-503 was a macrolide from the Sanofi Natural Product patrimony, discovered in 1962 in Vitry-sur Seine and named after sequana, the seine goddess in the Gallo-Roman religion. Optimization of SEQ-503 has given rise to SEQ9 with a remarkable efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb).

Key findings:

  • Sequanamycins overcome Mtb’s inherent macrolide resistance.
  • Lead compound   SEQ-9 is bactericidal when combined with other TB drugs.

Promising prospects for TB clinical candidates!

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