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6th I4ID – Immunotherapies & Innovations for Infectious Diseases Congress 2022

Date: 23-24 November, 2022

Venue: ENS Lyon, France

Attendees: Sebastien Coyne (Group Leader In Vitro Biology ID), Francesca Bernardini (VP In Vitro Biology & AMR Lead), Antoine Alam (VP Head of Virology), Lilia Boucinha (Team Leader, Global Bioinformatics), Christelle Dagoneau (SVP Business Development) Nadir Bessila (Business Development Executive) and Florian Marro (Research Associate, Mass Spectrometry & Phenomics)

Evotec will be sponsoring this year’s I4ID conference as well as showcasing its research on-site in Lyon.

Oral Presentation: Leveraging Continuous Manufacturing to Expand Global Access to Biotherapeutics – Presentation by Christelle Dagoneau

During this session, Christelle will present a unique platform concept that integrates the discovery, development, and manufacture of biologics in innovative and easily deployable production facilities called J.POD. She will particularly describe how the Just-Evotec Biologics cutting-edge AI/ML protein design technologies combined with industry-leading intensified continuous bioprocess can help de-risk and accelerate biotherapeutics development from lead generation through to BLA while offering cost-effective and truly flexible clinical and commercial supply solutions.

Oral Presentation: Alternative Approach to Discover Small Molecule Antibiotics – Presentation by Sebastien Coyne

Discovering new antibacterial drugs is urgently needed but represents many challenges. Alternative approaches to discover such new drugs are currently being explored and might offer a promising solution. We present one alternative approach that consists of screening for antibacterial drugs in in vivo mimetic medium. These culture conditions, defined to better reflect the conditions a bacterium would face at an infection site, allowed to discover active small molecules with new mode of action and/or representing novel chemical matter.

Poster Presentation by Florian Marro: Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus replicative dynamics monitoring under antibiotics challenges: highlighting persiste

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November 23 – November 24, 2022


Lyon, France

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